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General Discussion

Video for Thought: WoW Accessibility and Apathy

Dear guildies,This is a brilliant video all. I'm riveted by it. What do you all think. *Hugs* Civ
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General Discussion

The Help Thread

Ok, this thread is for anybody who wants to request help with something on their character. If you're looking for advice, ask away.Common types of questions:Which Enchants should I use?Which Gems are the best for me, and should I change my gems f...
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General Discussion

Lich King Solo

After 4 months of trying, I finally soloed LK in ICC. It was probably the hardest thing I've ever done, but it was extremely rewarding. From my research I found out that it was a world 7th and US 1st. I will post the video when I finish uploadi...
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General Discussion

What can we do to improve this guild for all

Hello Fellow Guildies.I have noticed that some guild members get frustrated and leave the guild.We would like to correct this.It would be helpful to know your likes and dislikes.Any ideals would be helpful.As a guild we need to work together to ke...
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General Discussion

New spells

If you were to be able to learn but one new spell that does not have to be based on your character's class (i.e. a paladin learning to use necrotic plague from the Lich King fight), what would it be?Mine would probably be Necrotic Plague.
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General Discussion

Character stats Discussion

Ok I always like to know why people play particular classes and discuss why certain talent trees are choosen.In my case, I have two druids and one mage that I consider my main toons. Now I love the druid because they are very adaptable in various ...
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General Discussion

Appreciating our Heroes!

In life, we come across many people that are heroes in our minds yet what they do is a thankless task in most cases. I would like this thread to be a place to write something about your heroes and give them honorable mention so somewhere is a log ...
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