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#7040410 Nov 28, 2012 at 09:58 AM
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What: Darts Nordrassil wide Recruitment Event

Where: TBD

When: December 14 2012, Friday

Time: 8:30 pm PST (Realm time)/11:30 pm EST

Details: What better way of showing Nordrassil how nice and fun we are then sponsoring a Darts event for our realm.

~ Darts: Leader leaps to her death from a very high point. Winner is the one who lands closest to her squish. Perhaps we'll have multiple rounds.

~ The goal is to stir up interest in Civility by showing our realm our fun and nice sides as well.

Guild Brainstorming Needed:

1) Suggestions for Event venue
~ We welcome all levels, so preferably somewhere lower level players can get to as well or that we can take them easily enough.

2) Other ideas for fun Recruitment events that involve the greater Nordrassil community.
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