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Why Suicide Kings?
  • This System applies to our regular Raiders. Of all the Loot Systems out there, Suicide Kings seems to be the easiest to run, update and maintain. Details of how it works will follow. It applies to the Present Main Spec of your Main Guild Toon. Think of it as a revolving door: After you get a piece of gear, others will, and then it will be your turn again. Thus, the raid will gear up at a more even pace.
  • We examined DKP and Loot Council; however, both seem to require a great deal of effort to execute. Moreover, we recognize the thing that is Real Life and do not want systems that are based so strongly on "Attend or Else".
  • As for the Need/Greed Roll System, we dislike the RNG (random number generator) idea since let's face it, some of us are far luckier than others. Hence, weeks can go by with the same guildie winning loot and others missing out just because of RNG.

How does Suicide Kings work?
  • We use Suicide Kings as our loot system for all MoP Raids.
  • This will help us ensure that everyone evenly gears up.
  • Despite which toon you bring to any raid, only your Guild's main's name will be on the List.
  • Subsequent entering new Raiders will be placed at the bottom of the list.
  • The person who is higher on the list will have priority for desired items
  • Thus, once an item drops, we will look to see the Raider's list position.
  • From there, we will ask if they would like the piece.
  • If they do, they will get the item and then their name will drop to the bottom of the list and they will have to climb the ladder again.
  • If they do not want the piece or the piece is not an upgrade for them then it will go to the next name on that list who it's an upgrade for.
  • If they choose to take it then they will drop to the bottom of the list.
  • This is in order to make sure we evenly gear everyone.
  • Gear that is applicable for a Raider's Off Spec will NOT employ this List.
  • If more than one person can needs a piece for their Off Spec, they will simply Roll for it.

Concerning Bind on Equip (BoE) Items
  • Our Suicide Kings' List will also apply to BoE items.
  • Once you receive a BoE, you MUST equip it and an Officer will examine you.
  • The BoE belongs to the Guild Bank should no one be able to use it for their Main's Primary Spec.
  • Basically, we are trying to first gear all Raiders' Main Toon's Main Spec across the board.
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