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Rest & Relaxation

Raiding fun: Bad Raids :) & 500 Kegs

Heyo all,I Love these 2 videos taking the song "Bad day" and applying it to raiding- "Bad raid". I can still hardly stop listening and singing along to both. See what you think! Enjoy all *HUGS*:Imagine wiping 60 times straight on Sartharian in Ob...
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Rest & Relaxation

Moonkin You Tube Fun :)

Here's some brilliant Moonkin Videos I would love to share with you all, dear guildies. Enjoy! Tell me what you think, Lone and Jys, my fellow Boomkin Buddies and all feel free to tell me what you think of these too 3(1) Boomkin Parody by Embersol...
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Rest & Relaxation

Just for fun

CMHCart1_LowRes by Futfxr, on Flickr
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Rest & Relaxation

Youtube MUST see!!

Ok I had to add a few of my favorite youtube videos. Now I beg of anyone posting comments or vids to please make sure they are appropriate to our guild charter expectations, thanks. Who's the Tank Lady ...
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