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Gara'jal Down 5/21 Excellent work, Civ :)

Elvwyr / May 22, 2013
Dear Civility,

Awesome job this raid week thus far. Tonight we downed Gara'jal for the first time as a guild. Wicked cool, Guild :D Really nice job on a fun and somewhat complex fight.

And we also had 1 spirited attempt on The Spirit Kings boss fight. Nice that we got to the 3rd king since only 1 of us has done it on 10 man regular :D Go, go, go Civility Family. Tonight's 5/21 Logs

Big shoutout to Mordrasyl's fantastic co-Raid Leading and calling out of Spirit World teams in Gara'jal fight. Also as always, to Thelach, our wonderful Raid Leader.

Raid comp tonight was:

Thelach (Raid Leader/Paladin Melee Dps)
Neeli (Rogue Melee Dps)

Mordrasyl (Main Tank/Death Knight)
Jarkkl (Off Tank/Bear Druid)

Arundel (Healing Lead/Paladin Healer)
Aimmy (Healer/Discipline Priest)
Shadowraithe (Healer/Mistweaver Monk)

Elvwyr (Ranged Dps/Moonkin Druid)
Lonewalker (Ranged Dps/Moonkin Druid)
Daeferedir (Ranged Dps/Beastmaster Hunter)

CivGaraMay21 by Bachjess, on Flickr

Excellent job all *hugs*



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