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Elegon & Emperor's Will Down: Civ + 3 guests

Elvwyr / May 28, 2013
Hiya all,

*hugs*. Absolutely fantastic Raid night, last night even though Memorial day made it rough with many absences and many guildies pulled in at the last minute. Reminder: If you click "Signed up" and cannot make it, please do Thelach or myself the courtesy of sending us in game mail or guild website mail so the raid can still go on.

Elegon and Emperor's Will are now down with 7 guildies last night. Best progression thus far guild: Elegon we got on 2nd attempt and we 1 shotted Emperor's Will. Absolutely wonderful for a casual raiding guild like ours. Hip Hip Huzzah Raiders!!! & Brilliantly well done. I want to thank our guests last night and everyone who stepped in last minute to make last night possible. I thank all of you raiders from the bottom of my feathery heart.

Raid comp was:

Thelach (Raid Leader/Melee Dps/Off Tank)

Mordrasyl (Main Tank)
Sammohung (Off Tank: Guest from Echo Isles Realm Vorpal Bunny Squad guild)

Aimmy (Healer)
Nitros (Healer: Guest from Idyllic Chaos)

Elvwyr (Moonkin)
Cathedienn (Shadow Priest: Guest from Ashes of Azeroth)
Hackooz (Frost Mage: Guest from Ashes of Azeroth)
Staran (Hunter)
Bingducdow (Hunter)

Logs: Elegon/Will 5/28 Logs

Total Comic Relief: More faceplaming of the Feathery variety

CivElegonMay27 by Bachjess, on Flickr

CivWillEmpMay27 by Bachjess, on Flickr


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