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Thelach as Joint Guild Leader & Officer Info Page

Elvwyr / Jun 06, 2013
Good Evening Civility,

I would like to introduce Thelach as Joint Guild Leader of Civility. Together, we will run Civility in unity. Even though we are not always in game at the same time, we communicate daily to ensure the smooth running of our wonderful guild family.

Thelach will continue his responsibilities as Raid Leader as well as officially take on joint leadership. He has quietly been running the guild behind the scenes with me in his previous title of Co-Guild Leader. Without him, as well as our brilliant Officer corps, I would not have been able to as effectively run our guild which has grown by leaps and bounds. Indeed, his passion for our guild, excellent leadership in raids and wholly knowledgeable experience as a player makes him the best candidate for this role. Along with this, since he is on the EST timezone and myself on the PST one, it makes sense for us to take the different shifts so to speak.

Thus, please join me in congratulating our new joint Guild Leader, Thelach. Hip hip huzzah (x 3) :D From henceforth, his in guild title will simply reflect "Guild Leader".

We have both also determined Officer Info for any guildie and guest curious about just what it takes to become an Officer of Civility on an as needs basis.

Thank you for your kind attention. We now return you to your regular programming.

Elvwyr & Thelach (Guild Leaders of Civility)


Congratulations on the promotion!
Hear hear, Hip hip Huzzah :D

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