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Elvwyr / May 21, 2013
Woohoo Civ,

Truly Excellent job. We got guild kill of Feng tonight. Also only 1 wipe on Stone guard. And Feng was Epic indeed- Only 4 were left standing in most of Phase 3 and they took him from 30% to 0. Nice work last 4 epic ones: Thelach (RL/Melee dps), Mordrasyl (Tank), Aimmy (Healer) and Arundel (Healer). I take my feathery cap off to you 4. Wooohooooo! Grats :) And Grats Civ for downing Feng tonight with pure guildies:

CivFengKillMay20 by Bachjess, on Flickr

Cheers all and nice attempts on Gara'jal too.

World of Logs Combat Report 5/20


Elvwyr / May 18, 2013
So Everyone,

I present a fantastically exciting new thread in our Forums Entitled: "OMG I'm a Raider???" Here I invite you to share your personal facepalm moments, as in the "OMG I did this?" moments you have encountered in Raids, heroics, dungeons, scenarios type runs.

I will start the ball rolling on this one and I hope you will all share your anecdotes as well.


Elv, your feathery GL
Elvwyr / May 15, 2013
Heyo guild,

*hugs* awesome raid week all. Feng is down although 2 things make me a little sad. Logs failed that night and we had 7 guildies in raid so it didn't count as a guild kill. Still we will get him as guild kill soon.

Please welcome our newest guildie, Mordrasyl. *HUGS* and Hope you'll love your new home and family here with us all.

Oh yes we had some awesome guests Friends this week who helped us get Feng down Shurjenco from Council Of Ares, Pidiksu (Alt of Crazy King's GL) and Iphigenia (Alt of Sammohung from Vorpal Bunny Squad from Echo Isles Realm. Thank you guys :D

We are learning the Gara'jal dance, Mr Jar Jar Binks as our RL calls him :P

This one we have the logs for:

Gara'jal Attempts 5/14

As always, please review them raiders and improve your performance and come find me, Thelach, Aimmy or Arundel if you need help interpreting them.

Cheers all and awesome job this week *hugs*

Elvwyr / Apr 29, 2013
Heyo all,

If you're raiding, 3 things you should have are
a) Vent
b) Deadly Boss Mods (add on)
c) GTFO (add on)

Also, those who are coming to MSV, please look at this raid guide and watch these videos to have an idea of the fights in this raid. Thanks all, *hugs*

Mogu'shan Vaults Bosses

1) Stone Guards (3 Lions)

2) Feng the Accursed

3) Gara'jal Spiritbinder

4) The Spirit Kings

5) Elegon

6) Will of the Emperor

Have fun all! *hugs*
Elvwyr / Apr 18, 2013
Hiya dearest Guildies 3(

~ Civility is truly bouncing back. In the last 2 weeks, 13 folks have joined our wonderful guild. We are so delighted you all joined us/returned to us. Warmest Civility welcomes to:

Daewalker, Mooguuguypan, Aimmy, Arundel, Bashia, Rindle, Saccha, Reizoko, Shurkenco, Kipkah, Rspringfield, Gargleblast, Babypickles, and Kimalla.

Although for some it's more of a homecoming since they have been in Civility before. So welcome home. I have to welcome Kipkah home especially since she had transferred off realm and has now truly returned home to Nordrassil and Civility.

~ We've had some brilliantly fun raids thus far rekindling Firelands and Blackwing Descent. Big shout out to Thelach/Hanta, our fantastically wonderful Raid Leader/Co-Guild Leader too. Thanks Thel, you make raiding so much fun for all involved that we keep wanting to come back for more.

~ Speaking of which, please watch the Raid Rules space as it will soon be updated to reflect current content. I know all of us are raring to raid for fun and our RL will have the rules up to keep our raids enjoyable and organized.

~ Please note that even though I am the GL of Civility, in all Raid related matters, I defer to Thelach and my job in the field of raids is to provide aid when he requests it.

Have a WoW-tastic day dear Guildies and until the next News item,


Elvwyr (Guild Leader of Civility).
Elvwyr / Mar 23, 2013
Heyo dearest guildies,

I know recruitment is nightmarishly bad but now may be the time that we're forced to pug for dungeons/raids to try and get more into Civ. Here's our recruitment notice. This is the process. Plug our message no more then once every 15 minutes. Then if they are interested, tell them a bit about Civ but get them to come chat with me since I like to get to know each and every interested person. I thank all of you especially former Civility friends who came back after I did too. You all rock!!!! All of you, them and everyone in guild too!!! Here's the macro:

/2 <Civility L.25> Join us! We're built on mutual respect & paying it forward led by non-snobbish Leadership: Under 90s and fun-loving Raiders welcome. Pst Elvwyr for info.