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Guild Info

PLACEHOLDERS: Will be updated Soon: Bank rules:
  • Guildies should do their best to put items into the tabs that make the most logical sense based on the tab's title.
  • Please do not place invaluable items such as gray items in the guild vault.
  • Only withdraw what you need to be successful in the game for your guilded toons.
  • Withdrawals for non guilded toons is strictly forbidden.
  • Gear and items should be used to build your personal stats and not used as an opportunity to make gold for personal finances.
  • If there is something you want for current use, please approach an officer and request the item.
  • We are here to support you, so if you see a mat you need to build professions that help the guild, please approach an officer if you need more than your allocated stacks per day.
  • We are willing to donate to building professions that help the guild.
  • The guild currently needs: Tailors & Alchemists.
  • Please be respectful and only use guild repairs when needed. Each raid night, the Raiders will be placed in the Raider rank for increased guild repair allowance.

  • Our guild is built to help all of us benefit and grow.
  • Thus, your contributions are appreciated and will result in a stronger guild built by all of you.
  • Thank you for being a participating, active member of Civility.