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Guild Info
By Elvwyr & Thelach (Guild Leaders)

Civility provides a safe haven for all against every form of discrimination. Guildies
of all ranks MUST follow our code of conduct. Know that since you choose to wear our tag,
our charter applies to all in WoW. However, are we serious and boring? Not in the least.
Gentle teasing and laughter abound in vent/guild chat. We also hold that Real Life is more
important than this game, as wonderfully fun and diverting it is.

  • Griefing is not tolerated, period. This includes all communication channels:
  • General, trade etc., as well as Guild ones: Guild chat/Vent
  • Always be completely ethical
  • Don't Hate! Don't indulge in such discrimination as: Racism, Sexual Prejudice
  • (against men/women/LGBT), Disability Discrimination, Bigotry, Harrassment, Slander and Abuse of any kind.
  • Practice Mutual respect for all.
  • Pay it forward! Be pro-active in helping others and they will in turn help you.
  • Religion and Politics are touchy subjects for many; thus, be respectful of other viewpoints
  • when these topics arise.
  • Strong Swearing, overt sexual references and excessive innuendo are strongly discouraged in Civility. We try and keep it PG 13 when we can.

  • Slip ups do happen. Just apologize and don't be belligerent.
  • Begging goes against what we believe in.
  • Respect your guildies if they are unable to run with you.
  • If guildies help you, respect them by pulling your weight.
  • If you need something crafted, just provide the mats to your guildies-
  • Guild Crafters should never charge for 'labor'.
  • They may decide to donate some of their mats to your cause, but they are not
  • under any obligation to do so.
  • We do not support excessive power-leveling simply because it breeds lazy
  • and over-reliant players.
  • The initiation period is normally 3 to 4 weeks. Leadership reserves the
  • right to shorten or lengthen this window.

Gquitting and Returning
  • If you gquit and then wish to rejoin, the following 2 scenarios could
  • take place:

1) Minimally, you rejoin the guild at one rank lower to your rank prior to your gquit.

2) You have to reapply and work you way up from the Initiate rank.

  • The Officer Corps will determine this by a case by case basis.
  • If you leave for a second time, the GL/co-GL will decide if you should return.
  • If you are allowed to return, you will be an initiate once again.

  • We aim to enjoy the game together; but there are consequences
  • for violating this charter.
  • Any Officer may address your infraction privately.

  • Depending on the severity of the infraction, consequences can include:

1) Verbal or Written Warning

2) Removal from Civility

  • GLs will only remove someone from Civility as a last resort.
  • If you have a Guild Issue or anything that could result in Drama, please isolate its
  • spread by first privately approaching a GL or an Officer. We are here to help!
  • Unless permitted by you, The Officer Corps will maintain confidentiality.

Please contact the Guild Leaders should you need any clarification or elaboration regarding our Charter.