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Officer Selection Criteria [by Elvwyr & Thelach]

Officerships are a privilege not a right. GLs reserve the right to request that Officers step down if life gets too hectic and they are unable to perform their duties.

  • Minimally be very active and in the guild for 6 months
  • Display leadership skills: A natural leader that quietly commands the respect of others
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated and strong player who knows their class inside and out but never lords it over others. Instead they are only too happy to teach those willing to improve and learn
  • Good sense of humor that is never insulting, derogatory or mean
  • Encouraging and patient player who is always respectful to all
  • Kind and Caring player
  • Pro-active: In Events, organization of runs, willingness to help
  • Embodies all of Civility's tenets, love the guild with all their heart and is wholly loyal to Civility

Officer Expectations for Present Officers
  • Officers need to be guild role models, particularly to our youth and newer members.
  • We expect them to embody everything about Civility as outlined in this Charter.
  • They need to be respectful, helpful, willing to listen and communicate.
  • Remember Officers pay to play this game and volunteer their time.
  • Abuse of Officer's powers is unacceptable.
  • This includes demoting or gkicking folk for kicks or due to personality conflicts.
  • Reports of abuse will be investigated by the Gls.
  • Even in times of stress, Officers should remain calm and impartial and always maintain a positive attitude.
  • All Officers must always present a united front.
  • When doubts and concerns arise among the Officers, the corps must use Officer Chat or Officer Vent to resolve them.
  • Even though, it is impossible to know everything in this vast game, Officers need a good working knowledge about their toons and the game.

  • Therefore, they also act as our spec/class officers.

  • The GLs jointly appoint new Officers to the corps.

  • Officers are appointed on an as needs basis
  • Elvwyr and Thelach run Civility jointly - Even though they are not always on at the same time, both communicate daily.

Created 6/6/13
Updated 8/7/13