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By Thelach/Hanta (Raid Leader/Joint Guild-Leader)

As there has been more and more interest in raiding, we must have some rules in order to make raiding fun and fair to everyone who is interested.

Our Raid Times are as Follows:

  • Sundays: 5 to 7 pm Server
  • Mondays: 5 to 7 pm Server

  • Always respect the Raid Leader (RL).
  • When offering suggestions, you must never be pushy and voice them respectfully.
  • Also, in order to avoid confusing the raid, please approach the RL via in game whispers or request to pull him to a different vent channel.
  • Know your toon and maximize it. This means being enchanted and gemmed correctly and optimally. Please use AskMrrobot
  • Raiders must have:
  • ~ Vent (minimally as a listener) ~ Deadly Boss Mods (Addon)~ GTFO (Addon)
  • It is your responsibility to sign up for raids early should you want a spot.
  • We ask that you sign up a minimum of 24 hours in advance. This will give everyone plenty of notice as to if you are confirmed or on standby for that particular raid night.
  • Raid spots will be allocated on an as needs basis, particularly Dps spots.

  • You need to be present minimally 15 minutes before scheduled pull time when invites will go out.
  • You have up to 5 min past the starting time.
  • After these 5 minutes have elapsed, the RL will pull in Stand-bys.
  • Should you know you will be delayed prior to pull time. send a message to our RL, Thelach or our GL, Elvwyr via in game mail or via the website's messaging system.
  • If you are placed on standby due to too many toons in that role (ex: dps), you will be confirmed for the next raid upon depending on how many toons are signed up.
  • Guildies who choose to raid with Civility MUST maximize their toon by doing dailies for rep rewards as well as run heroics and scenarios for valor and justice points. They should also run LFRs since it is not enough to rely on raid drops to gear your toon(s).
  • The Officership is more than happy to run scenarios, heroics & LFRs with guildies when we can.
  • Remember, Feng (boss 2 MSV) needs a minimum of 46 to 48 k dps per raider. And entry to MSV itself requires Item level 460 minimum.
  • I aim to make raiding as even as possible so everyone can progress appropriately with the guild.

  • During the raid please watch your language and comments as outlined in our Guild Charter.
  • We are all here to have fun and progress in a positive and appropriate manner.
  • I know we are all having fun and an occasional slip up does happen to everyone,even myself. As always, catch yourself and apologize.
  • However, if you insist on using improper language, you will be given a warning for the first time but then if it reoccurs, disciplinary action will be taken.

Raid Preparation:
  • Study the bosses and watch the videos the RL posts. Also, run LFR to get some idea of the fight.
  • Although performing the fight is much better for you than watching a video, through the videos, you will learn the Bosses' different abilities and have some knowledge of the fight in its entirety.
  • Raiders MUST do their Part and know their roles in all raids.
  • Raiders who fail to do their research prior to fights via the RL's posted videos will find themselves on "Standby" or benched for the following raid night or week.
  • Always show up to the raids prepared with food and flasks.

  • We are all here to have fun.
  • These rules are in place to make sure we all can progress in a proper, fair and even manner.
  • Please enjoy our upcoming raids.
  • Please direct any queries or concerns regarding this document to the Raid Leader, Thelach.