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(Aug 30, 2013)
I got into the closed beta for Hearthstone O_O
(Aug 07, 2013)
New Bach Mogwei piccies and new news too :)
(Jul 25, 2013)
Where are the Bach Mogwei pics? O_O
(Jul 06, 2013)
Echo... echo... echo...
(Jun 20, 2013)
Neeli = uber /flex
(Jun 16, 2013)
I lookied. O_O
(Jun 15, 2013)
Venturing into Terrace 10 Reg next. Raids are up on the calendar for this and the following week. Lookie! Lookie! :D
(Jun 10, 2013)
Oops: Edit: Officer Notes is Now Live in the Guild info Parent Link: Your one stop for everything about Officer Info of Civ :)
(Jun 09, 2013)
Edit: Officer Info page is not live in the Guild Info parent link. :)
(Jun 06, 2013)
Grats to Thelach, new joint Guild Leader & Please check out the Officer Criteria page in the Guild Info link. Cheers :D
(Jun 06, 2013)
Lots of new stuff to whet your appetite. Check the Latest Posts to the left of this page. Including: Guild News and Forum Postings :) Cheers.
(May 29, 2013)
Elegon & Will of the Emperor down first time. Not quite guild kill but still awesome. *HUGS* All ;D
(May 26, 2013)
Oops take 2: Super warm welcome to Relinquisher. *Hugs* hope you love it here ! :D There better with a smiley!
(May 26, 2013)
Super warm welcome to Relinquisher. *Hugs* hope you love it here !
(May 22, 2013)
Wicked cool Civ, Gara'jal has been defeated by Civility. Nice job all *HUGS* :D
(May 21, 2013)
Grats to Kimalla, 4th on realm for battle pet Collections. Woohooo! *Hugs* :D
(May 20, 2013)
Check out "OMG I'm A Raider" dear guildies :) Great for a laugh and please add your own facepalms too :)
(May 16, 2013)
Hiya Duckmeat, our newest family member. *HUGS* :D
(May 15, 2013)
Welcome Darkwisper, our newest family to Civility *HUGS* :D
(May 15, 2013)
A super warm welcome to Mordrasyl, *HUGS* hope you'll love it here with us :)