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(Nov 23, 2012)
We're back! :D Come explore Civility :D
(Jan 20, 2012)
congrats to everyone in civility for helping the guild reach lvl 15. You all rock.
(Jan 20, 2012)
Get well soon, beloved Raid Leader Thelach *hugs* & Grats on Level 15 Civility :)
(Jan 18, 2012)
oots lol it should say come back lol.
(Jan 18, 2012)
Sorry everyone i have not been on but i have been very sick, Get ready cause when i come were gona have a blast. :)
(Jan 01, 2012)
Happy new year everyone, hope the year is trully wonderful
(Dec 27, 2011)
Level 14, Yeah Baby!!! Woohoo. You all rock so amazingly hard xD
(Dec 26, 2011)
Merry Christmas everyone, you all rock
(Dec 25, 2011)
Come for an in game carolling party- check your calendars: 6 pm server Monday 12/26. Hope to see you all there. And tonight we dine in Hell, or failing that in the Enemie's capital cities :P :)
(Dec 10, 2011)
Fantastic work on going from Level 12 to 13 in just 13 days. Plus, want to know what de-feathered Moonkin looks like, well read the "GL Exposed" thread :) Cheers xD
(Dec 06, 2011)
Your GL is now vulnerable since she's shed her feathers. Read all about it :)
(Dec 02, 2011)
Aw, thanks Thel. Without you 2 wonderful co-gls, our Officer corps and every last member of Civility, we would not have the success we've had. You all are tres incredible *hugs* :)
(Dec 02, 2011)
HI everyone just want to say you all are doing great were moving along very good thanks Elv for keeping us on track you rock.
(Nov 30, 2011)
Come introduce yourselves to each other in our new Forum :)
(Nov 27, 2011)
Level 12 on Friday November 25, Wahey and Yay! Brilliant work, dear guild :) *hugs*
(Nov 24, 2011)
A very happy Thanksgiving, dear Guild :) And Wahey, we got Conclave down last night. Great job all! :) *hugs*
(Nov 19, 2011)
Civility hit L. 11 at 3:36 am Saturday Nov 19. Great job all! *hugs* xD
(Nov 17, 2011)
:) 9/12: Chimaeron and Atramedes falls to Civility's hands! Great work all, you're incredible, you know that?
(Nov 12, 2011)
It's Saturday 11/12/11 and Civility attained Level 10 this earlyish am. Fantastic work all *hugs* You're super brilliant, every last one of ya :)
(Nov 06, 2011)
Saturday (Yesterday) saw us reaching Level 9. Great job all *hugs* Great job all!